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Pharmaceutical and Healthcare

While the pharmaceutical, health and social care industries provide numerous jobs,
they also pose many types of hazards for the workers. Hospital, pharmacy, clinic,
elderly home and day centre administrators must protect their employees and clients from any harm.  Hazards vary, depending on the type of work involved.
Infectious agents (pathogens like bacteria, viruses and fungi), medicinal and
chemical agents (e.g. oncology medications) and physical hazards are some of the
most common risks associated with this field.



Let us help you!

Our approach is to liaise with you to propose practical solutions and methods to deal with your health and safety issues. We pride ourselves on using a common-sense approach that will not interfere unnecessarily with your business while considering budgetary restrictions.

Services Offered

  •  Generic Risk Assessment

  •  Manual Handling Risk Assessment

  •  COVID-19 Risk Assessment

  •  Pregnant Person Risk Assessment

  •  Young Person Risk Assessment

  •  Fire Risk Assessment

  •  Fire Evacuation Procedure Guidance

  •  Bomb Threat Evacuation Procedure Guidance

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