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The manufacturing industry poses numerous health and safety risks as a direct result of the machinery and the nature of the work involved.  Although accidents at work will never be completely eradicated, proper planning and implementation of health and safety procedures can identify and eliminate or control these hazards. Whether you are a factory, workshop or a small business owner, you must ensure that Health and Safety legal obligations are being met.

Let us help you!

At CMRC, we work with several businesses to provide professional advice, usually and unfortunately, after an accident or mishap which sheds light on the employer’s legislative duties in this respect. Despite being well-intentioned, in most cases, business owners simply do not have the time to manage a safe work environment. Outsourcing your health and safety duties, when it comes to the identification of hazards, weighing the risks they pose and proposing the correct control measures required to eliminate or mitigate these hazards, is an economical way to meet your legal obligations, reducing accidents and financial loss at your workplace.


Services Offered

  • Generic Risk Assessment

  • Safe Work Method Statement Report 

  • Manual Handling Risk Assessment

  • COVID-19 Risk Assessment

  • Pregnant Person Risk Assessment

  • Young Person Risk Assessment

  • Fire Risk Assessment

  • Fire Evacuation Procedure Guidance

  • Bomb Threat Evacuation Procedure Guidance

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