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Merchandise & Warehousing

Merchandising businesses such as supermarkets, convenience stores, shopping outlets and warehouses create numerous health and safety risks. The risks in warehouses include musculoskeletal disorders through incorrect manual handling, slips and trips, falling objects, accidents from vehicles moving in and around the warehouse, work at height, lighting, hazardous substances and fire, among others.  Failure to control such risks can result in high employee turnover, underperforming staff, injuries and illnesses, lost working days, legal issues and, at worst, fatalities.


Let us help you!

Our aim is and will always be to eliminate or control the hazard!  The purpose of a risk assessment for this type of industry is to create the necessary measures and procedures for your workplace that promote a safe and healthy workplace. A detailed risk assessment report, tailor-made to your specific work environment, will cover all the possible hazards your employees and clients could face. We will also help you implement the required health and safety measures so that your employees and visitors are protected accordingly. We look forward to being an affiliate of your team!

Services Offered

  • Generic Risk Assessment

  • COVID-19 Risk Assessment

  • Pregnant Person Risk Assessment

  • Young Person Risk Assessment

  • Fire Risk Assessment

  • Fire Evacuation Procedure Guidance

  • Bomb Threat Evacuation Procedure Guidance

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