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Offices and Corporate 

Health and Safety hazards in an office-working environment are often overlooked. It is a common misconception that this kind of workplace is so low risk that there is no concern for Health and Safety. However, employees working in banking institutions, financial services, travel agencies and gaming companies, amongst others, often complain of back injuries triggered by poor body posture and improper manual handling.  The employer can suffer financial losses due to these kinds of injuries, paying employees’ sick leave or an increased premium on health insurance. All this can be avoided with proper planning, an ergonomic office layout and adequate training of employees.


Let us help you!

If you are an Office Administrator who is unsure of how to go about tackling all the risk assessments required, you may feel overwhelmed by it all. This is where we at CMRC Services can help you. We have developed effective systems to bring your company in line with the minimum legal requirements. We can analyse all the work procedures, identify hazards and risks and report back to you with proposed solutions. You can consider us a specialised member of your management team!


Services Offered

  • Generic Risk Assessment

  • Display Screen Equipment Risk Assessment

  • Manual Handling Risk Assessment

  • COVID-19 Risk Assessment

  • Pregnant Person Risk Assessment

  • Young Person Risk Assessment

  • Fire Risk Assessment

  • Fire Evacuation Procedure Guidance

  • Bomb Threat Evacuation Procedure Guidance

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